Several of our missionary efforts are concentrated in Africa.  


We support the Chimala Mission Hospital and School in Tanzania East Africa.  The purpose of Chimala is to “further train and educate the leaders of the church in Tanzania and the surrounding nations, and to equip the young leaders of the church with the knowledge to stand firm upon the scriptures, against false doctrine, and able to take the gospel to a lost and dying world.”

We have provided support for many years to George Funk and the Gospel Chariot Missions.  One of the Chariots serves in Zimbabwe, an African country with which we are very closely connected.

We are very excited to add Mutare School of Preaching in Zimbabwe to our mission efforts.  The mission of the school is to train preachers in the teaching and interpretation of the Bible.  Three preaching graduates will be chosen and we will provide the support for them so that they can get teaching degrees to be able to become self supporting preachers.  This will eliminate the need for overseas support.  We are making a 3 year commitment to these preachers and hope to be able to support more in the future.

We provide partial funding for Stanley Sherini, a Zimbabwean preacher who is sharing the gospel with prisoners in prisons throughout Zimbabwe.

Our congregation’s mission heart for many years has been with Todd Mazambani and his wife Irene in Ruwangwe, in the Nyanga Region of Zimbabwe.  Since Todd’s and Irene’s recent passing we are providing partial support for the congregation’s new minister and have helped the Mazambanis son, Gideon provide drinking water through a bore hole.  We will continue to support that congregation and community.  We also are providing World Bible School lessons for the school the congregation there oversees. 




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